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C.A. Quintet – Trip Thru Hell, Vinyl, 1969 ($2500+)

Trip Thru Hell by The C.A. Quintet released in 1969 and was the only album by this Psych Rock band that was active from 1966-1971 in America in St. Paul, Minnesota.

C.A. Quintet was one of the best local bands at the time in Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and if Trip Thru Hell was distributed globally, it could have been more popular. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, Trip thru hell has won the recognition of collectors around the world, just like many records of similar rarity, and today it is highly sought after.

The most expensive album copy has been sold for $5656 in August 2014 and came directly from the hands of Ken Erwin, the guitarist of the band.

Musically, Trip thru hell is an excellent record, even though its DIY production is obvious. The sound of the trumpet with Latin flavors gives off a unique tone to the sound of the album and in combination with the Dark Acid Rock elements, they make up a unique musical result.

If someone wants to buy “Trip Thru Hell” original Vinyl LP, they should expect to spend around $2300 to $2300

– In Hans Pokora’s book “Record Collectors Dream” the vinyl record “Trip Thru Hell” has a Valuation of rarity 6/6

– Music Rating (“Rate Your Music” database)  3.67 / 5.0

– Highlights: Trip Thru Hell (Part I)Colorado Mourning

– Reissue on Vinyl:  Sundazed Music 1996, 2015, 2016

– Value (NM): $2300 –  $3000


$5656 ( 31 bids- Start Price:$20)/ 2014-08-17 / ( Cover: SS | Media: SS / Seller from USA)
$3849 (36 bid – Start Price: $20) / 2016-07-27 / ( Cover: EX- | Media: VG / Seller from USA)
$3950 ( 16 bids- Start Price: $20)/ 2006-07-01 /( Cover: SS| Media: SS /Seller from USA)
$3800 (1 bid- Start Price:$3800 )/ 2016-08-07 / ( Cover: EX- | Media: VG / Seller from USA)
$3764 (32 bids – Start Price: $20 ) / 2012-08-26 / ( Cover: SS | Media: M / Seller from USA)

Backing Vocals – Toni Crocket
Bass, Vocals – Jimmy Erwin
Guitar, Vocals – Tom Pohling
Keyboards, Vocals – Doug (Beaver) Reynolds
Percussion – Rick Patron
Trumpet, Vocals, Producer – Ken Erwin

Produced for Candy Floss Productions.

Engineer [Recording] – Steve Longman
Recorded at Dove Recordings Studios.

Matrix / Runout (Runout Side A): S8-9356-A
Matrix / Runout (Runout Side B): S8-9356-B


A1 Trip Thru Hell (Part I)
A2 Colorado Mourning
A3 Cold Spider
B1 Underground Music
B2 Sleepy Hollow Lane
B3 Smooth as Silk
B4 Trip Thru Hell (Part II)

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