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Scorpions-Lonesome Crow, OBI ($900-$1,300)

Scorpions Lonesome Crow OBI is a collectible and very hard to find Vinyl record.  For many people Lonesome Crow is by far the group’s most interesting work. Dark choir and inhabited singing, psychedelic jam, sound explorations, guitars and rhythmic hell, nothing is missing.

Scorpions debut album is different from their later sound.  They play progressive hard rock with great guitars from the Michael and Rudolf Schenker . Klaus  sings more raw and dark.

Scorpions-Lonesome Crow, OBI

Lonesome Crow is a mix of hard rocking Krautrock with some progressive rock elements. The Lonesome Crow album also includes some psychedelic influences. Dieter Moebius  is the engineer and Conny Plank is the producer and this is the explanation of the albums sound.  Very underrated and mostly unknown

Scorpions Lonesome Crow OBI version has two serious mistakes on the album cover. “MICHAEL SCHENKER” is misprinted as “MICHAEL SCHENKEK” and “PEACE OF MIND” is misprinted as “PEASE OF MIND”.
It is a rumour but by reason of these mistakes first copy was recalled by Teichiku records then finally only 60 copies are existing.

“Promotional copy” in Japanese text is printed on the center label.

Regardless, if you do find one, you’ll have to spend about $900 and $1,300 to own it.

RYM Rating 3.44 / 5.0


$1500  (1 bid – Start Price:$1500) / 2013-11-13 /  ( Cover: EX | Media: EX / Seller from Japan)

$540  (3 bids – Start Price:$500) / 2010-09-26 /   ( Cover: EX- | Media: M- / Seller from Japan)


Teichiku Records / UPS-581-EB /

Track listing
A1 I’m Goin’ Mad
A2 It All Depends
A3 Leave Me
A4 In Search of the Pease of Mind

B1 Inheritance
B2 Action
B3 Lonesome Crow


Conny Plank-producer


Klaus Meine-vocals, Michael Schenker-lead guitar, backing vocals, Rudolf Schenker-lead guitar, backing vocals, Lothar Heimberg-bass, backing vocals, Wolfgang Dziony-drums, percussion, backing vocals, Willem Makkee-mastering

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