Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock

Zakarrias,1971,Vinyl LP, ($1700-$2000)

The Zakarrias vinyl record was recorded in the summer of 1971 by Austrian composer Bobby Hummer and a band of outstanding musicians selected for this recording. The album was released by the Deram record label. But the fact that Hummer did not get a job permit forced Deram to withdraw the Zakarrias vinyl record from the market right away.

This resulted in the few copies of the vinyl record being of great collectible value. In 2013, the Zakarrias album was sold for £2249 and so far, that is its highest selling price.

Musically the Zakarrias album moves on the paths of Progressive, Psychedelic and Blues rock with many folk elements. It reminds a lot of Led Zeppelin‘s third record, as Hummer sounds like Robert Plant at some points.

In case you want to get it, you will need to spend around 1700-2000 US dollars  for one copy of the record in NM condition.

– In Hans Pokora’s book “Record Collectors Dream 1001” the vinyl record Zakarrias has a Valuation of rarity 4/6

– RYM Rating  3.65 / 5.0

– Highlights: Who Gave You Love,  Country Out of Reach

– Reissue on Vinyl:  Tapestry Records (Limited 500 copies) 2007

– Value (NM): $1700-$2000


  • £2249 (25 bids – Start Price: £5) / 2016-02-13 / ( Cover: EX | Media: EX / Seller from Great Britain)
  • $3000 ( 21 bids- Start Price:$3000)/ 2015-06-15 / ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from USA )
  • $2400 (“Buy it Now”) / 2016-04 / ( No Details about Condition or Seller )
  • £1600 (39 bids- Start Price:£3)/ 2018-05-21 / ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from Great Britain)
  • £1219 (10 bids – Start Price: £400) / 2011-09-23 / ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from Great Britain)

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Track listing

A1 Country Out of Reach 4:04
A2 Who Gave You Love 4:05
A3 Never Reaching 5:01
A4 The Unknown Years 6:59
B1 Sunny Side 3:43
B2 Spring of Fate 3:18
B3 Let Us Change 3:51
B4 Don’t Cry 4:07
B5 Cosmic Bride 6:07


Zakarrias-vocals, guitar, bass, kazoo
Martin Harrison
drums-Peter Robinson
keyboards-Geoff Leigh
saxophone, flute-Roger Watson
producer-David Grinstead
engineer-John Burns- assistant engineer

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