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Store Name: Divert_Records
Location: Czech Republic
Currency: EUR
Dear Friends,

Welcome to my little shop that I am slowly building.

Divert Records is an independent online vinyl store, specialising in the curation of new or second-hand vinyls.
Primarily House, Techno and other electronic music.
We handpick every single record to guarantee its physical and auditory quality.

Some brief information about buying vinyls:

⚬ All vinyls are in stock in Prague / Czech Republic
⚬ Pick up in Prague possible
⚬ Orders will be cancelled if payment is not received within 7 days.
⚬ Every customer is responsible for the validity of their shipping address.
⚬ For each order I need your phone number for the courier service.
⚬ Every single package has tracking.
⚬ Important thing folks, track your package by outgoing tracking, it's a help if you didn't provide a phone number.
⚬ Thank you for your review.
⚬ I currently send packages in the EU area, if you are outside the EU be sure to get in touch to see if anything has changed.


If your parcel is delayed please check with your local delivery office. Almost all delivery delays/problems are due to a "while you were out” card not being left, or something similar.





A few words about me as a DJ

Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/thomasdexter
Youtube video mix - www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyLuuh5VvzM&list=PL5vmYBHFPiqaw4C563ZX16jWSLr0LuBFp&index=2
Instagram - www.instagram.com/thomasdexter
Facebook - www.facebook.com/thomasdextertd

His beginnings date back to 2006, when he started to get familiar with terms like Groove, Vocal and everything around House Music.

He was known as the youngest of the DJs playing Funky and Vocal House in Slovakia, and his orthodox stance on the musical style provoked some stormy reactions among DJs.

His uncompromising approach to music brought him recognition among the best known representatives who played House in Slovakia, and a large amount of music playings at private and branded parties as well.

His connection with the Brano DJ after hearing his initial set ensured him a common support from Cafe Del Fun DJs - Funradio.sk (DJ Carlo, DJ Truhlik). His DJ personality constantly profiled, yet not influenced by a strong wave of House commercialization. During many appearances he profiled his focus on house music and his portfolio started to fill up mainly with LPs from labels such as Defected and Purple Music.

These publishers became a guidance for the development of his DJs experience. Till now they are focal points and the source of his inspiration. The brand Clubber In The House was the real driving force in his music life, of which he was one of the representatives together with DJ Sai. Just after they met, his course began to gain new momentum.

With the arrival of 2012 he ends his cooperation with the project Clubber In The House and his musical direction begins to be affected by the productions of such labels as Stereo Productions, Toolroomrecords, Kling Klong Records, Keno Records, Cocoon Records. Since 2012 is a year of changes, Thomas founded his own label IMPORTANT that represents the current sound of house music, but he does not forget the classic house, the way it should be understood in its essence.

2015 is another milestone in his life and he suddenly ends his involvement in the brand he founded and passes it to his good friend Mola.

After a seven-month music vacation his passion for music again awakens and Thomas starts popping up in Bratislava’s Nu Spirit Bar where he has his regular night stands called Behind the House.

He currently operates in Prague and is dedicated to his new brand DIVERT RECORDS.