Affiliate Program


Become partners of Vinylom today and earn considerable commissions from the purchases or trades, your users make on Vinylom. All you need to have is is a website, blog, fb group or any other social media account (Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube Channel etc) and a PayPal account. 

Join Vinylom’s Affiliate Program today and receive:

Right as we speak there are 1.300.000 items (Vinyl Records, CD’s, VHS, Tapes etc) up for sale and this number is consistently going up every day. Your visitors will enjoy a ton of options for purchase available from sellers all around the globe.

How will I get paid?

On the 20th of each month you can withdraw your earnings, with a simple request o the Affiliate Report page, given you have amassed 10 euros and higher. The only requirement is an active Paypal account.

How will you know the traffic is brought in from me?

Every affiliate has an exclusive code (for example ?tracking=fwe6565weffwe54) which is placed on the end of every link used to bring un traffic and which can be found on the  "Affiliate links generation tool"  page. This unique number is the identification of our affiliate.

How will I know how much traffic do I bring and what are my profits?

Every Vinylom affiliate has a comprehensive chart on which he can monitor the traffic brought in Vinylom, the orders his visitors complete as well as the sums he earns.


With your registration on the affiliate program, we can send you banners in every dimension so you can choose what is most suitable to you. If you want banners in exact dimensions, we are able to make them for you.

I have a Vinyl Record Group, Music group on FB. Can I be an affiliate?

Certainly! Pin a post with the Vinylom link and the tr. number on your FB Group which contains a “call-to-action” banner and start earning your commission.

You can see an example here.

I am a seller/buyer of Vinylom. Can I become an affiliate, too?

Of course! If you are a seller or buyer, you can bring in your friends and clients and make profit from the purchases or trades they make on Vinylom. Moreover, if they complete a purchase, you earn a 5% commission and if they trade, you earn a 2 euro fixed fee.

Invite your clients to join Vinylom and make a profit from your sales as well as commission from any purchase the make on other sellers.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to start now!

You can start earning money in a few minutes. Just join our program!

How to become an affiliate.

After you sign up, on the “My Account” page, you can register your information and press the “I want to be an Affiliate” button. A soon as we complete our control, we will activate your affiliate account and give you a notice. 


-We reserve the right to deny paying commissions if we feel than affiliate is committing fraud
-Affiliate can not earn commissions on items he buys.


Do not hesitate  also to contact us for any question