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Store Name: boogitybeat
Location: United States
Currency: USD
Description: We are an online music store specializing in "old school" electro, hip hop, b-boy, rap, freestyle, house, trance, club, R&B, soul, funk and disco music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. We have thousands of "back-in-the-day" vinyl, CDs and cassettes. If you are looking to buy rare, out of print or deleted records, tapes or CDs, this is the place to shop!

TIMELY PAYMENT: By placing an order, you agree to pay for it in full. If you pay using an online payment system, payment must be received by us within 24 hours after the invoice is sent. If you mail in payment, payment must be received by us within 5 days after the invoice is sent. Do not place an order and then ask us for additional time to pay for it. Our inventory is listed on a number of different venues, so we do not hold product unless it is paid for. If the order is cancelled due to non-payment, then your account may be blocked from placing future orders with us.

We rate the music media and associated artwork (jackets and inserts). We do not rate the quality of plastic jewel cases and trays (CD) or J cases (cassettes). We replace these items if they are cracked or broken.

If you pay by Paypal, be advised we will ONLY ship to confirmed shipping addresses on your Paypal account. If you enter a different address on your order, it will be ignored so make sure the address on your Paypal account is where you want the package mailed to. If we have to refund your original Paypal payment and manually re-invoice you, a small fee may be added to the total amount on your invoice. The reason is that when we issue a full refund via Paypal, you get ALL of your money back but Paypal still charges us the original transaction fee. Therefore, refunds cost us a small amount of money. We add this refund fee to your new invoice because the reason we had to refund you in the first place was because of your mistake.

By law, we are required to declare the value of the merchandise on international shipments at the price it is sold. Please don't ask us to falsify values as we can be fined and/or lose our business license if we do not comply with U.S. export law. We do not collect importation fees - your government does.

Because we are dealing with recordable media, all sales on unsealed items are final unless we shipped you the wrong item. Sealed items may be returned at the buyer's expense for a full refund minus the shipping charge as long as the item is not damaged/unsellable.