Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna - Vinyl Record - LP Gatefold Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna - Vinyl Record - LP Gatefold

Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna

Format: Vinyl Record (LP Gatefold) - First Press

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Cover: Very Good+
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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Blues Rock
Press Year: 1969
Press Country: US
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So if I were making a listening recommendation to a Savoy Brown neophyte, 1970's "Raw Sienna" strikes me as a good place to start. Five albums into their recording catalog and the band's classic line-up (drummer Roger Earl, rhythm guitarist Lonesome Dave Peverett, bassist Tone Stevens, lead guitarist Kim Simmonds, and singer Chris Youlden), were finally clicking on all of their blues-rock cylinders. Co-produced by Simmonds and Youlden, blues-rock was still their prime raison d'etres (always wanted to use that term in a write-up), but this time around the band actually changed things up a bit with modest dollops of jazz (the Simmonds-penned instrumental 'Is That So') and even orchestracted pop-rock ('Stay While the Night Is Young'). The band's blues purist fan base was probably appalled by some of the results, but at least to my ears, the broader, more diverse sound suited them well and it didn't hurt sales with the LP eventually hitting # 121 on the US album charts. Plus, the band never sounded better than when Youlden was lead singer - the man may have had his personal demons, but you had to admit he had an amazing voice. (As fans will know; this was Youlden's last release with the band.) All I can say is I wish I'd seen this line-up in concert.

"Raw Sienna" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) A Hard Way To Go (Chris Youlden) - 2:17
One of the most commercial things they ever recorded, Youlden's 'A Hard Way To Go' had a wonderful melody, some of Simmonds' prettiest soloing, and plenty of cowbell. Seriously, this one could have been a radio hit with a little work.   rating: **** stars
2.) That Same Feelin' (Kim Simmonds) - 3:36
Complete with some Blood, Sweat & Tears-styled horn charts and a funky percussion break (seriously) 'That Same Feelin'' was even more commercial than the opener. Hard to believe this was the same Savoy Brown, but then Simmonds cut lose with a blazing blues-rock solo and you instantly knew where you were.  rating: **** stars
3.) Master Hare (instrumental) (Kim Simmonds) - 4:45
I've always had a soft spot for the instrumental 'Master Hare'. Yeah, the opening keyboard chords have always reminded me of The Beatles' 'Hey Bulldog', but overlooking that, Simmonds blazing fretwork was the primary draw. Add to that, out of the blue the song dove headlong into a strange, classical strings segment before re-emerging as a blues-rock. And then there's the weird fade out ... rating: **** stars
4.) Needle and Spoon (Chris Youlden) - 3:18
Hardly the most subtle nod to heroin you've ever heard. I guess my big complaint about this one is Youlden's almost jocular attitude to the subject ... Yeah if you pay attention to the lyrics, it isn't an endorsement of heroin; actually quite the opposite, but you have to wonder how many folks picked up on Youlden's subtle cynicism ...   rating: ** stars
5.) A Little More Wine (Chris Youlden) - 4:51
Opening up with Simmonds and Peverett on dueling slide and lead guitars, 'A Little More Wine' was a striking blues-rocker - slinky and yes, funky at the same time. One of the album highlights. rating: **** stars

(side 2)
1.) I'm Crying (Chris Youlden) - 4:17
Youlden's pleading vocals make 'I'm Crying' worth hearing, but the song really kicked into gear when Simmonds solo showed up at the tail end of the song. rating: **** stars
2.) Stay While the Night Is Young (Chris Youlden) - 3:07
Maybe because the band sounded like they were relaxing, the breezy 'Stay While the Night Is Young' was another highpoint. Youlden turned in a wonderful lead vocal, Steven's bass seldom sounded as melodic, and Simmonds' brief solo was near perfect. rating: **** stars
3.) Is That So (Kim Simmonds) - 7:40
The album's second instrumental, 'Is That So' found Simmonds and company dipping their collective toes into Wes Montgomery-styled jazz. The focus was clearly on Simmonds and this was one of those rare tracks where the seven minutes goes by in what seems to be a heartbeat. Totally unexpected and surprisingly enjoyable. rating: **** stars
4.) When I was a Young Boy (Chris Youlden) - 3:02
Perhaps because it was so heavily orchestrated, 'When I was a Young Boy' was an acquired taste for me. I've always loved Simmonds acoustic guitar work on the song and Youlden sounds like an old blues guy, but those heavy strings ... ratring: *** stars

Like I said earlier, one of their best releases and a great place for someone to check the band out.  

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