SPECTRO - same - Vinyl - 12" SPECTRO - same - Vinyl - 12"
SPECTRO - same - Vinyl - 12" SPECTRO - same - Vinyl - 12"

SPECTRO - same

Format: Vinyl (12" ) - First Press   Available for TRADE

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Location: Brazil
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Seller since: Aug-2019

Cover: Mint
Record: Mint
Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Progressive Rock
Barcode: not
Press Year: 1974
Press Country: Brasil
Catalog Number: Only One Copy in the World
Listed On: 11/08/2019
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$800.00 (687.70€) +shipping (read description)
SPECTRO was my own first project recording in K7(cassete tapes) after the oficial recording in Teac 1/4 tape in a Live Studio Jam Session with 6 tracks. After this Project I did a lot of LPS in 80's like ALPHA III PROJECT and 90's in CD Format. Vynil 180(american Plate/handmade in special machine) Art Cover Design of original pictures of 1974.Music with good sound quality.ANd vynil MINT press

AMYR CANTUSIO JR: Farfisa organ and Synth Orchestra/ Moog Sattelite/art cover and vocal/compositions
M.Jorge: Bass Guitar & A.Samuel: acoustic drums

SPECTRO LP was made like a collector item in 3 UNIC copies here in Brazil.One copy only one for SALE.The other two copies are with my Manager Collector.
So, it's the UNIC COPY in the WORLD in LP VYNIL format.
Of course I did two CDS pressing with all Music of Studio (6 tracks) and more 8 tracks from k7(cassetes recordings) in a Oficial CD in 2015 (only 300 copies sold best part to Japan)

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