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Cover: Very Good
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Press Year: 2007
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Tracklisting Disk I - Silent Shout CD1-1 Silent Shout 4:56CD1-2 Neverland 3:40CD1-3 The Captain 6:11CD1-4 We Share Our Mothers' Health 4:14CD1-5 Na Na Na 2:30CD1-6 Marble House 5:21CD1-7 Like A Pen 6:15CD1-8 From Off To On 4:00CD1-9 Forest Families 4:11CD1-10 One Hit 4:30CD1-11 Still Light 3:15 Disk II - Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience (Live Audio) 51:00CD2-1 Pass This On 5:38CD2-2 The Captain 6:10CD2-3 We Share Our Mothers' Health 4:27CD2-4 You Make Me Like Charity 4:20CD2-5 Marble House 5:00CD2-6 Forest Families 4:22CD2-7 Kino 4:56CD2-8 Heartbeats 4:22CD2-9 Silent Shout 5:25CD2-10 From Off To On 5:30 Disk III - Silent Shout - An Audio Visual Experience (DVD) 51:00DVD-1 Pass This On 5:44DVD-2 The Captain 6:47DVD-3 We Share Our Mothers' Health 4:54DVD-4 You Make Me Like Charity 4:46DVD-5 Marble House 5:03DVD-6 Forest Families 4:40DVD-7 Kino 5:06DVD-8 Heartbeats 4:00DVD-9 Silent Shout 5:07DVD-10 From Off To On 4:10 Music Videos 46:08DVD-11 N.Y. Hotel 2:34DVD-12 Heartbeats 4:29DVD-13 You Take My Breath Away 4:04DVD-14 Pass This On 3:36DVD-15 Handy-Man 2:36DVD-16 You Take My Breath Away II 4:34DVD-17 Silent Shout 4:26DVD-18 Marble House I 5:12DVD-19 We Share Our Mothers' Health 3:14DVD-20 Like A Pen 3:19DVD-21 Marble House II 3:27DVD-22 When I Found The Knife (Short Film) 4:37Ltd Edition Edition Card Sleeve - Booklets Included | 3xCD

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UK 2nd Class - Additional 7 Inch 0.80(GBP)
UK 2nd Class - 1st 12 Inch 3.75(GBP)
UK 2nd Class - Additional 12 Inch 1.50 (GBP)
UK 2nd Class Recorded Delivery - 1st 12 Inch 4.50(GBP)
UK 2nd Class Recorded Delivery - additional 12 Inch 2.00 (GBP)
EUROPE - 1st CD 2.50(GBP)
EUROPE - additional CD 1.00(GBP)
EUROPE - 1st 7 Inch 2.50(GBP)
EUROPE - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
EUROPE - 1st 12 Inch 5.00(GBP)
EUROPE - additional 12 Inch 2.00(GBP)
AMERICA - 1st CD 3.50(GBP)
AMERICA - additional CD 1.50(GBP)
AMERICA - 1st 7 Inch 3.50(GBP)
AMERICA - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
AMERICA - 1st 12 Inch 7.00(GBP)
AMERICA - additional 12 Inch 3.00(GBP)
CANADA - 1st CD 2.50(GBP)
CANADA - additional CD 1.25(GBP)
CANADA - 1st 7 Inch 3.00(GBP)
CANADA - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
CANADA - 1st 12 Inch 6.00(GBP)
CANADA - additional 12 Inch 2.50(GBP)
MEXICO - 1st CD 3.50(GBP)
MEXICO - additional CD 1.50(GBP)
MEXICO - 1st 7 Inch 3.00(GBP)
MEXICO - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
MEXICO - 1st 12 Inch 6.00(GBP)
MEXICO - additional 12 Inch 2.50(GBP)
SOUTH AMERICA - additional CD 1.50(GBP)
SOUTH AMERICA - 1st 7 Inch 3.00(GBP)
SOUTH AMERICA - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
SOUTH AMERICA - 1st 12 Inch 6.00(GBP)
SOUTH AMERICA - additional 12 Inch 2.50(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - 1st CD 2.50(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - additional CD 1.50(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - 1st 7 Inch 3.00(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - additional 7 Inch 1.0(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - 1st 12 Inch 6.00(GBP)
AUSTRALIA - additional 12 Inch 2.50(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - 1st CD 2.50(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - additional CD 1.25(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - 1st 7 Inch 3.00(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - additional 7 Inch 1.50(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - 1st 12 Inch 6.00(GBP)
REST OF WORLD - additional 12 Inch 2.50(GBP)
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