Vinylom is a market place that first started out two years ago. Our goal was to provide all the friends of vinyl records, CDs and other physical music reproduction formats, a platform they could use to make deals directly with each other.

We are what the title says. An online – Record Fair with the mindset and methods of a traditional Record Fair, like the ones happening in all around the planet with: purchases, sales but also safe trades!

Wanting to be the first to provide an innovative and substantial service which no other marketplace has, a service which offers a great deal of help to all friends of music, we give our users the ability, through our platform, to exchange items with a small fee, independently of the quantity of items exchanged. Every music collector could obtain vinyl records, CDs etc without spending money while trading in the records he no longer needs. It is the service of the platform with the largest positive feedback from our users.

Where we are

The location of Vinylom is Athens, Greece but The Vinylom team is scattered all around the world. For our effort, not only do we need associates with the appropriate technical expertise, but also with a huge passion for the physical music reproduction format. Our love for music and vinyl records is the common ground that favors the excellent co-operation between our team.

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