How to make secure trades via Vinylom

Putting Items available for trade is optional !!!

If you wish to trade some of your items with all Vinylom users, you must register. Then you must start listing your items at Sell Form.While listing your item for sale, check "Yes" at "Available for trade" option.Your item will be available for trade and you will be able to accept trade offers from other users.You can deactivate this option anytime you want.

The trade procedure has four steps.

1) With every object available for trade, besides the “add to cart” button, there is also a “add for trade" button. By pressing it, the object is moved on trade cart.

2) When you have chosen the desired objects for trade, you send your request to the corresponding seller by pressing the “Send Trade Offer” button.

3) The user will receive the trade request, check your offered items for trade and either will he/she send an answering message with the items wanted for trade or the request will be rejected.


4) In case a trade answer is received, it should be accepted or rejected.

The trade procedure automatically shuts down after 3 days, if not completed by then.

Any attempt of a trade outside of Vinylom is punishable with the deletion of both users.


Get Records,  CD's and many more with money, but with your own items !!!


The trade service has  a fixed fee of 2.90€ per trade, no matter how many items involved.




All items for trade must be readily available.

In order to be able to send a trade offer to a user, you must have at least 25 items available for trade.

Each item under offer will not be displayed on the sales lists until the process is complete.

The trade process will be automatically cancelled if it is not completed in 3 days.

Each user pays the shipping costs corresponding to the objects that he sends.