Yannis Pantazis
Founder of Vinylom

About me

My name is Yannis and I was born in 1972 in Athens-Greece

Importance of music

Music was a very important factor in all my childhood and teen years. It was my company and my "shelter".

Starting Collecting Records

One of the things I remember quite vividly is the fact that when I was a kid, I preferred saving my allowance, instead of going out on a Friday or Saturday night, so I could go on Sunday morning at Athens flea market to buy records.

Later, and going into puberty I used to work part-time along with school, so I could buy more records. My love for music was my drive for a lot of things from my teen years to this day.

The very first record I bought

I bought two. "Pyromania" by Def Leppard and a "Best Of" by Simon & Garfunkel of 1985 which I still have up until today in excellent condition.

Before that though, I used to listen to music from cassette tapes which we copied with our classmates in school. Before I bought my first record I had around 200-300 cassette tapes.

The records I bought the first period of my collection have a special place in my heart although they are not that expensive or collectible.

They were records bought with the little money I could spend as a teenager or records that were gifts from loved ones. 

What does the Vinyl Record mean to me

Vinyl, to me, means almost everything. It contains the music, the artwork of the cover, the rich in information inside of the cover, and the collective value that is defined by factors such as music value and number of copies-availability.

Listening to a vinyl record is a process that has rules and requires attention. The vinyl record requires work and commitment and from that alone it makes you appreciate even more the music that is included.


In addition to my love for vinyl records, I have studied Electronic Engineering as well as graphic arts. 

At the same time, for 15 years I was a record seller and I have sold online on all known platforms without a negative evaluation. 

I am an active member of the Vinyl Community and I follow with interest all the developments regarding music and vinyl record.

Did I create Vinylom to be something different?

I like Discogs. It's an excellent site that took the concept of buying music a lot of steps further. I know that for the things that happened to happen, they had to put a lot of work, something they still do.

Vinylom, on the other hand, was made to be a completely different platform than Discogs and the only thing they have in common is the marketplace, although in our marketplace one can find things that are not available on Discogs.

My vision for Vinylom is for it to be the most complete website devoted to the history and culture of the vinyl and everything related to it.

We've designed and developed things that are going to make Vinylom even more interesting and will make collectors and music lovers worldwide to be a part of it, like the Vinylom Encyclopedia that has already started to write down the history behind every rare album that has been released.

More Interesting things are coming. Our goal is going to be a moment in time when the word "Vinylom" will be identified with the vinyl record, as for the internet world.

Vinylom Community

The community is growing steadily. Every day Vinylom shows its worth and that is appreciated, something that we see from the constant member growth that we are having.

I know very well that before people can trust you, they need to see what you worth. And Vinylom every single day raises its value in the eyes of its users and visitors.

We do things and raise our value until a day it will be impossible for us to be ignored.

Vinylom's marketplace is walking the way that eBay paved, where every seller can upload the items with real pictures.

Also, for the first time in a music marketplace, besides buying and selling, the users of Vinylom trade records with a small fee. We give them the opportunity to find records trading ones they don't want anymore.

The trades were always part of the collector's game and Vinylom has brought in online for the first time. 

Opinion about other formats 

I love every format that has to do with music. I have a very big collection of CDs. For me, there is no "war" between the vinyl and the other formats.

And let's not forget that there is wonderful music that never has and never will be released in vinyl. The truth is though, that listening to music from vinyl rises the quality of the experience by a lot, but every format has contributed to our music culture.

Will vinyl ever die?

No! A real music fan will always want to own something that "connects" him with the artist he loves. Vinyl record is that something. Vinyl is also an item with a high collective value containing the most beautiful thing human's ever created. Music! So Vinyl will never die!


Enjoy music, Enjoy life, Enjoy vinyl!

Thank You and Welcome!


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