Will Cassette-Tapes Make a Comeback?

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Re: Will Cassette-Tapes Make a Comeback?

Post by Kaleidofon » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:50 pm

I don't think they will come back like it happened for Vinyl records, anyway for a lot of people grown up between the '70's and the '90's they have a very emotional and nostalgic value. Beside that, if you have a decent deck the sound quality it's not bad at all, i like the punchy and fat sound of cassettes, i think they are indicated for some styles of music more than others (for funk, rock and pop music they work better than for classical for example, in my opinion...) and last but not least they make for a less "tiring" listening, i mean i find myself listening for long time and my hears don't get "tired" as with CD's for example...

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