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Last time logged in: 17/04/2023
Store Name: JohncamillaRecords
Location: United Kingdom
Currency: GBP
Description: Due to Royal Mail's ongoing problems with sending parcels overseas we have suspended overseas sales till Royal Mail rectify their issues as other courier provided cost too much.

We've been selling vinyl/records since 2008 worldwide and been involved in music for over 18 years, with a great reputation on Ebay & growing reputation here on discogs & Facebook!

I first got involved with vinyl/records from a young age DJing & collecting music in all formats which then became only on vinyl and this is the only way I DJ'ed, I DJ'ed in pubs & local events up until my 1st child was born, I then DJ'ed for a hobby and collected records however when my 2nd child was born it was decided to hang up my headphones and take my passion for music and vinyl in a different direction and so I started selling off my massive personal collection and other lots keeping a small amount for myself ;-), along with adding to the database.

So being an ex DJ and collector of records myself till this day I understand the importance of Vinyl, I understand the passion, understand the importance of collecting, storing, handling, packing, grading, communicating & the honesty needed to be involved with vinyl. Buy with confidence & I will always be on hand to answer you questions in a timely manner!

Thankyou to all my past, present & future buyers, collectors & DJ's!

Happy digging & collecting :-) Johncamilla
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