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Last time logged in: 27/01/2024
Store Name: Souvlaki101
Location: Canada
Currency: USD
Description: Hey there!

This a first go on E-Record Fair selling items. I have been a seller on Ebay since 1997, Discogs as Souvlaki101 and had a brief stint on Gemm.

All our items are available for sale, we do NOT list items we do not have.

Images posted on the site are currently a combination of stock photos of the items found on item look-ups and actual scans taken by me (cassettes are typically actual items, I can't scan an album cover). If you would like to see an image of an item to indicate condition I will gladly photograph it for you and email or text it to you.

All items are VPI cleaned and placed in a new inner sleeve for shipment.

All items come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
There's nothing worse than buying something listed as NM, only getting it to find it's VG at best! Frustrations ensue as you now are out of pocket to ship it back.

I have been selling records for 20 years now, and I have be called names like "anal" and "picky". In some senses this is bad, but when it comes to critically grading records this is an excellent thing. I'm positive that you'll think the item you purchased is in exactly the condition you paid for, and likely even better. Keep in mind we tend to undergrade our items.

Also remember I am a collector too! I have a pretty vast collection (which is not for sale) being listed on Discogs currently.

I hope you have a positive experience, and find something cool you want.

A little something about me:

I'm not actually a music store owner (anymore). I've been there and done that already. I recently went back to school and became a licensed nurse (big change yes?). I work a LOT, so if I don't respond to you right away (no cell phones on ward, confidentiality ect) don't panic. This also can lead to some slight delays in shipping (not very often, but it does happen) as I sometimes work 7 days a week. Remember the nurse the next time you go to a hospital and think of how much work they do for you!