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Various Artists - Dance Hits CD

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1-Ebeneezer Goode (The Shamen)
2-Sesames Street (Smart E's)
3-The Bee (The Scientist)
4-Move Your Body (Marshall Jefferson)
5-It's Just A Feeling (Terrorize)
6-It Takes Two (Rob Base & Dj Easy Rock)
7-On A Ragga Tip (Sl2)
8-Activ 8 (Altern 8)
9-Sweet Harmony (Liquid)
10-This Brutal House (Nitro Deluxe)
1-I'm Gonna Get You [extended Mix]-Bizarre Inc
2-Boss Drum [extended Mix]-Shamen, The
3-Love Can't Turn Around [extended Mix]
4-Bang Zoom (Let's Go Go) [extended Mix]
5-House Nation [extended Mix]
6-Hypnotic St8 [extended Mix]-Altern 8
7-You Used To Hold Me [extended Mix]
8-The Godfather [extended Mix]-Spoonie Gee
9-String Of Life [extended Mix]
10-Trip Ii The Moon [extended Mix]-ÇÈÑ
1-Please Don't Go (Kws)
2-Move Any Mountain (The Shamen)
3-Hardcore (U Know The Score) (Hypnotist)
4-Infinity (Guru Josh)
5-Evapor 8 (Altern 8)
6-So Real (Love Decade)
7-Casanova (Baby D)
8-Injected With A Poison (Praga Khan & Jade 4 U)
9-The 900 Number (The 45 King)
10-Last Night (Kid 'n' Play)
1-Pure (G.T.O.)
2-King Of Rock (Run Dmc)
3-All We Wanna Do Is Dance (The House Crew)
4-Tricky Disco (Tricky Disco)
5-Phorever People (The Shamen)
6-Is This A Dream (Love Decade)
7-Rainbows In The Sky (The Hypnotist)
8-The Wave Of The Future (Quadrophonia)
9-(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin (Whistle)
10-Brutal 8 (Altern 8)

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