Budai Ilona - Living Hungarian Folk Music 2 - Vinyl - LP Budai Ilona - Living Hungarian Folk Music 2 - Vinyl - LP

Budai Ilona - Living Hungarian Folk Music 2

Format: Vinyl (LP) - First Press

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Genre: Folk,World & Country
Subgenre: Folk
Press Year: 1978
Press Country: Hungary
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Ilona Budai was born in Gyömöre, Győr coutny, in 1951. She did not borrow her name from the popular Hungarian folk ballad, but she became part of the current known as the new wave of folk music as a direct heir to the ballad and the archaic folk-song. She was lifted by the waves of this current: the first major competitions organized by the Hungarian Television, the „What Can You Do?” and the „Fly, Peacock!” ensured her a nation-wide stage, and she filled it with singing whose refreshing, warm purity and elevated, sparkling tone evoked the innermost meaning of the folk-song. From the very beginning she has sung without instrumental accompaniment, and untouched by a performing style developed in the singing of pseudo-folk art songs. Later – as in the present recording – she joined forces with ensembles of related tastes, but always remained true to her aspiration: to serve the original spirit of the folk-song in an unassuming rendition, endeavouring to select the most beautiful ones.
It is only natural that in her search for these songs she too found her way to the folk-song heritage of the Hungarians living in the region known as the Mezőség and Moldavia (the latter being the Csángós), and here she also became familiar with the laws of the authentic rendition of the folk-song. Ilona Budai is particularly fortunate that her make-up seems to have been conceived in the spirit of the folk-song, and the charm of her personality together with the magic of the song she sings, elevates her performance to an interplay of natural phenomena. This is the reason her critics for the past ten years have acknowledged and esteemed her artistic attainment as part of this magic. They believe they recognize in it the power of folk music to express human character and quality – the healing, liberating force of beauty, which also compels fidelity.
„You are the radiating benevolence”, the poet László Nagy writes of Ilona Budai, „the saddle of my good faith, destroying evil / so that I may attain my better self / lift me, let me hasten / cut a path for lonely mortals / with your wings and the edge of your throat!”
This is Ilona Budai’s first LP, a landmark, as it were, both in her career as a singer and in the course of the movement, serving equally as a proof of her success and the basis for further conquests

A1. Csango And Bukovinan Folk-Songs
a The Bright Sun
b The Sunbeams Shine Forth
c I'd Go Out Into My Little Garden
d For Us The Loveliest Evening
A2. Dance Tunes Of Gyimes
a May My Boots
b Fast Hungarian (Whoop It Up!)
A3. Folk-Songs From Nograd County
a Oh My Maiden Headdress
b Weep, Just Weep
c Doughter, Doughter
A4. Prisoners' Songs From The Mozoseg
a If I Go Up Tp Kolozsvar
b Down The Road
A5. Palots Ring-Dances
a I Have Fenced Round The Tisza And The Danube
b I Have No Other Care
c Hey Rosemary
A6. Folk-Songs From Szatmar County
a I'm Not In The Prime Of Life
b Blue Violet
c The Wind Drives The Waves
A7. Lament From The Mezoseg:
a The Rain Nicely Lashes The Flowers
B1. Folk-Songs From Szek
a The Moonlight Shines In
b Late At Night
c How I Would Be
B2. Ring-Dances Of Sarkoz
a I'm A Famous Girl In Lovely Sarkoz
b Get On, Get On My Bride
B3. Casago Folk-Ballad:
a Fair Ilona Marton
B4. Folk-Songs From Gomor County
a Oh, How Much You Travel Bright Star
b I Wouldn't Give A Penny For A Lad
B5. Folk-Songs Of Valaszut
a If You Knew
b If The Furrow Curls
c Winter-Summer Orache
B6. Folk-Songs Of Magyarpalatka
a Beyond The Water
b I'll Buy Three Red Kerchiefs

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