Iron Cross – Iron Cross, Vinyl, LP, 1986 ($1100-$1200)

Iron Cross were founded in 1979 in Orlando, Florida. In 1986 they released their only LP, that today is one of the most collective Heavy Metal Vinyl Records.

Their self-titled album is a HeavyPower Metal album that is following the footsteps of the early Savatage and Judas Priest work with excellent guitar riffs. The album’s atmosphere is heavy, dark and evil and that gives it a distinctiveness that, for the era it was released, wasn’t something you’d see so often, especially in the traditional Heavy Metal.

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Iron Cross was released in 100 copies. The highest price the album has been sold is 1300 dollars in June 24 2016.

With a little patience one can find a copy of the album. A fair price in NM condition is from 1100 to 1200 dollars.

Music Rating (“Rate Your Music” database) 3,57 / 5.0

Highlights: Fantazy World, Helloween

– Reissue on Vinyl:  Eat Metal Records 2017 –

Value (NM): 1,1001,200

TOP 4 HIGHEST SOLD PRICES  (eBay – discogs)

  • $1300 ( 1 bid- Start Price:$1000)/ 2016-06-24 / ( Cover: VG+ | Media: NM / Seller from USA)
  • $1000 (1 bid – Start Price: $1000) / 2011-9-3 / ( Cover: VG+ | Media: NM / Seller from USA)
  • 979 (“Buy it Now”) / 2017-05-10 / ( No Details about Condition or Seller)
  • $662 (10 bid- Start Price:$20 )/ 2018-01-30 / ( Cover: VG | Media: VG+ / Seller from USA)

TRACK LIST: 1-Die Like That 2-Demon’s Disciple 3-Bloodlust 4-Mistress Of The Dark 5-Demons 6-Halloween 7-Archangel 8-S&M Medley

LINEUP: Mike Shelton: Vocals, Guitars Tony Blair: Drums, Vocals Rex Alan: Guitars, Vocals Dan Bippes: Bass, Vocals

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