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Why vinyl records survive in the digital age.

Seasons Change Constantly. Something that yesterday had mass acceptance and use, does not mean that it will continue to have it forever. Something better, something more modern and easier comes and replaces it.

That’s what happened with the vinyl record. It used to be the only format anyone listened to their music.

Then came the tape. Then came the CD. Then came the illegal download. After Spotify. Always something new comes along and replaces the old one.

Even in the most difficult times, the record was not eliminated. It didn’t go out because it was a collectible.

Some records were in demand and the value didn’t fall. On the contrary, it was going up. 

The Heavy Metal records didn’t die. Heavy Metal Fan loves the bands he listens to.

The acquisition of their records and their CDs is proof of his love. It’s what unites him with the band and the music.

The fans of Electronic Music and the DJs loved the music and the vinyl record because was and still is a “tool” with which they made their work easier.

Jazz fans love the album because it’s better suited to the ritual of listening to their favorite music.

I hope you understand what I’m saying.

The survival of the vinyl album is the combination of love for the musicthe artist, the medium, and the listening ritual.



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