By: Nick Comment: 1 20 Jul 2015

Warped Records? Not any More !!!


TTW Audio has the solution !!!

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By: Sophie Comment: 0 14 Oct 2016

How to play vinyl records with Britain's new five pound note

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By: john Comment: 1 05 Jun 2018

"How to open a Record store"? Every one of us, who has loved and still loves music and vinyl records, has thought, at some point in our lives, or continues to think of opening our Vinyl record store. Certainly, if one manages to turn his hobby into a profession, he will never have to work ever again or, at least, that is what everyone who has done so, claim. However, is it that easy?

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By: Nick Comment: 1 04 Dec 2015

How to Clean Your Vinyl Records with Wood Glue.

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By: john Comment: 7 18 Jul 2015

All these years, there have been many vinyl record cleaners marketed to the public. Some are automatic and relatively expensive while others are semi-automatic, thus cheaper. There are also many materials that some people use in order to clean the records in their collection. Some use stickers, wood glue, alcohol, etc. Our suggestion is that you shouldn’t...

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By: john Comment: 0 23 Dec 2015

If you are a vinyl collector who can pay infinite amounts of cash for purchasing vinyl records on any suggested price, this article is not for you. However, if you read it, you may change your heart about the way you have been obtaining vinyl records until today.As the real joy of a collector is to not only find a rare record that he has been looking desperately, but also to find it on a good price, there is a tried and tested way of getting your hands on vinyl records on a budget. That way is....

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