Collecting Vinyl Records on a budget (Helpful Tip)

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Collecting Vinyl Records

Collecting Vinyl Records on a budget


If you are a beginner vinyl collector who can pay infinite amounts of cash for purchasing vinyl records on any suggested price, this article is not for you. However, if you read it, you may change your heart about the way you have been collecting vinyl records until today.

As the real joy of a collector is to not only find a rare lp record that he has been looking desperately, but also to find it on a good price, there is a tried and tested way of collecting vinyl records on a budget.

That way is....Trades!!!.  With trading you will be able to collect vinyl records of significant value, having spended less money than you should.  Read how:


  • Delve deep in the vinyl record market

Get informed, read, search and always be up to date of the current prices of vinyl records, even for the records that do not belong in the genre or subgenre that you like. We are not saying you should know the current price of latin music records while you listen to Grindcore, for example, but you could easily, for a start, get informed about relative genres or subgenres. That will greatly broaden your knowledge and you know what they say; knowledge is power.

There are plenty of sites from where you could find helpful insight and information. 

Moreover, right here on the blog of  Vinylom  there is a seperate category (Some of the most expensive Vinyl Records ever sold...), which, as the time passes, will be filled with more and more information and you will be able to have a consolidated view of the prices of the most important vinyl records that have been sold from time to time.

Collecting Vinyl Records


  • Find vinyl records to trade:

Unused Vinyl Records

One initial source of trading could be unused vinyl records you do not want anymore. By trading those, you can get records that interest you more.

Mass Purchases

Buy vinyl records from people that want to get rid of their whole vinyl collections in low prices. You can find vinyl records that you like and keep them for your collection and those which you don't like, you can trade them. ONE USEFUL TIP. Before you trade said records, find time and listen to them. You may find some that you like and possibly keep them.

Buy double or triple copies

If a certain release is a limited edition and is a musically good record, buy some copies and store them. It is given that, after a few years, their value will multiply. After only 7 years, a vinyl record that cost 25 euros to buy, might cost 100 euros now and be a valuable item for trading. You should mainly buy first press vinyl records (not re-releases) which, as we mentioned, should have an artistic value, although some times this is not necessary. Essentially, this is an investment which will bring profit in the future.


  • Who to trade with

With your Vinyl collector friends

You can trade with your friends and any vinyl collector you meet in your daily routine

With other Vinylom users

On Vinylom Marketplace, we have incorporated a tool-procedure which helps anyone who is interested in, outside of  selling, also trading vinyl records, CDs etc. with registered users of the marketplace from all over the world. The process is carried through feedback exchanges, for more user reliability and credibility.

Already, as we speak, there are a few thousand suggested items for trading. Here you can read how to make safe trades through Vinylom


Collecting Vinyl Records is a hobby that requires monewy but you can boost your vinyl record collection while saving up to 50% of the cost.

Trading is a method that all serious record collectors have been using for years.


Why not you, too?



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