Black Metal

Mayhem-Deathcrush, 1987 Vinyl ($2500-$3000)

Mayhem were one of the founders of the Norwegian black metal scene . The band formed in 1984 in Oslo, Norway.  Their music has strongly influenced the black metal genre. Mayhem’s early career was highly controversial, primarily due to their notorious live performances, the 1991 suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin (“Dead”) and the 1993 murder of guitarist Øystein Aarseth (“Euronymous”) by former member Varg Vikernes of Burzum.

Mayhem’s Deathcrush Vinyl E.P. is a highly influential release in the world of Black Metal, and that it’s regarded as a masterpiece by many black metal fans.

The Deathcrush Vinyl E.P. includes at least two absolute classics of the band (Deathcrush and Necrolust) and other good songs such as the grotesque Pure fucking Armageddon and Chainsaw gutsfuck. All boosted by the almost non-existent production of bass and drums burst. Perhaps not great music, then, but a huge moment of total madness. Deathcrush is important beyond being a mere historical document: it is the  exciting beginning of the career of one of the most legendary bands in the history of  Black Metal

What is rare is expensive and Euronymous had already understood it from the start. Many Black Metal fans and buyers of this vinyl EP had direct contact with Euronymous who was very active in the past, about trade and sell. Many of the buyers also received their orders with hand signed letters from Euronymous himself.

Cover was supposedly to be in red, but finally came in  pink. Euronymous had actually hand written his name under his picture, as the original first release, they had forgotten to print Euronymous’ name , so he hand wrote “Death Saw” as his name under the pic, as well as hand numbering the album.

As for FRANK 001, it is a homage to a hobo that was around at the time. Frank was a drifter who collected bottles for money.

Deathcrush Vinyl EP was made in 1000 hand numbered copies by Euronymous private label (Posercorpse)  and it’s one of the rarest vinyl records of black metal.

You’ll find a few floating around still, but expect to pay between $2500 and $3000 for it.

– Music Rating (“Rate Your Music” database)  3.54 / 5.0

– Highlights: Deathcrush,  Necrolust, Chainsaw Gutsfuck

– Reissue on Vinyl:  Vinyl Maniacs 2003 (Pic.Disc), Back On Black (2006, 2009, 2017)

– Value (NM): $2000-$3500


  • $3550 (31 bids – Start Price:$1) / 2014-02-06 / ( Cover: EX | Media: NM / Seller from Chile)
  • $3383 (22 bids – Start Price:$1) / 2014-03-17 / ( Cover: VG+ | Media: EX / Seller from Chile)
  • $2850 (41 bids- Start Price:$1) / 2016-01-14 / ( Condition: Unknown / Seller from France)
  • £1500 (1 bid- Start Price:£1500)/ 2014-10-16 / ( Cover: EX | Media: EX / Seller from Greece)
  • $2247 (28 bids – Start Price:$1) / 2007-09-25 / ( Cover: EX | Media: MINT / Seller from USA)

Price prediction within a decade
$5100 – $6000


Deathcrush-vinyl-Mayhem-Euronymous Euronymous-Deathcrush-vinyl-Mayhem Deathcrush-vinyl-Mayhem-Euronymous-rare


Posercorpse Music ‎– FRANK 001 , Norway – Aug  1987 – Black Metal, Limited to 1000 copies. With insert. Stamped dust sleeve.
Barcode and Other Identifiers Matrix / Runout: (Side 1): UNT 60 A 33C1 – Matrix / Runout: (Side 2): UNT 60 B 33C1


A Side
1 Silvester Anfang 2 Deathcrush 3 Chainsaw Gutsfuck

B Side
1 Witching Hour 2 Necrolust 3 (Weird) Manheim/Pure Fucking Armageddon 4 Untitled (Hidden Outro)

Bass – Necrobutcher, Drums – Manheim, Guitar – Euronymous, Vocals – Maniac, Vocals [Session] – Messiah

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