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Bathory (Yellow Goat) Vinyl, LP 1984 ($2000+)

If there’s one album that paved the way for the first era of Black Metal that’s without a doubt the Bathory’s first album. The edition called “Yellow Goat” (from the album cover color) is a collectible album that its’ value is more than 2000 US dollars.

Bathory were founded in 1983 in Sweden and broke up in 2004 after the death of Quorthon due to cardiac arrest at the age of 38.

Bathory Yellow goat vinyl

The yellow goat LP was a highly dark and evil record for its’ era with influences from Hardcore, Speed and Thrash Metal.

The  Yellow Goat edition was released in October 2nd 1984 in 1000 copies.

Quorthon wanted the goat to be in gold. In an interview, he said:

I had read somewhere that the color gold was a magic color. The color silver was the color of goodness and light.

But the color gold could be used for both light and dark ceremonies. So we decided to print the album cover in gold and black. But the record company told them that this was too expensive.

Bathory Vinyl Yellow Goat

–  Quorthon had said also in one of his interviews:  

Since we didn’t have enough money to cover that additional cost, we asked the firm to use a plain color as close to gold as possible.

A week and a half later when I opened the parcel with the first 25 copies, and I saw the goat on the cover in canarybird-yellow, I just about puked. Whoever did supervise the color used, it must have been a completely colorblind person. It looked horrible.

A funny fact concerns the title Necromansy in the title listing on the back cover of the record. …Sheets of Old English rubb-on letters had already been purchased for rubbing the logo and the song titles.

Yellow Goat - Bathory

At some point during rubbing the song titles the night before turning the lay-out in for printing, it was discovered that they were one letter “c” short. Thinking nobody would ever notice anyway, “s” was duly used instead of a “c”. Thus the title “Necromancy” became “Necromansy”.

Bathory – Yellow goat was recorded in a garage studio called Heavenshore and the budget was only 700 dollars. Quorthon’s father “Boss” Forsberg was the producer and sound engineer of the album.

The album was originally to be named Pentagrammaton and to have a pentagram on the cover, but this name turned down and the pentagram was moved to the back.

Yellow Goat - Bathory

This particular edition included the Original Intro and Outro of the album, whereas almost every later edition has the Fade In Intro and the Cutted Outro.

The most expensive copy has been sold for 2,350 dollars in September 24 2018 and the seller was from the US.

From time to time some copies are available for sale and if anyone wants to buy them he’ll have to spend for an NM copy from 1,800 to 2,200 dollars.

– Music Rating (“Rate Your Music” database) 4.04 / 5.0

– Highlights: In Conspirasy With Satan, Hades

– Value (NM): 1,800 – 2,400

TOP 5 HIGHEST SOLD PRICES  (ebay – discogs)

  • $2,350 ( 1 bid- Start Price:$4,000)/ 2018-09-24 / ( Cover: NM | Media: M / Seller from USA)
  • $2,300 (1 bid – Start Price: $3000) / 2018-11-29 / ( Cover: M | Media: M / Seller from USA)
  • $2,230 ( 1 bid- Start Price: $2,230)/ 2018-07-29 /( Cover: VG+| Media: VG+ /Seller from GB)
  • $2,053 (“Buy it Now”) / 2019-01 / ( No Details about Condition or Seller )
  • $1,897 (“Buy it Now”) / 2017-11 / ( No Details about Condition or Seller )

Yellow Goat - Bathory

Matrix / Runout (Side Darkness): 840905GP BMLP 666 1 A PD-CR Pentagram image] [666 image in pyramid shape]

Matrix / Runout (side Evil): 840905GP BMLP 666 1 B PD-CR [Cross Image]


Quorthon- vocals, guitar, writer, producer, cover art, sleeve design
Rickard Bergman – bass
Stefan Larsson – drums
The Boss – producer, engineering

Side Darkness – A1 Hades – A2 Reaper – A3 Necromansy – A4 Sacrifice
Side Evil – B1 In Conspiracy With Satan – B2 Armageddon – B3 Raise The Dead – B4 War

Yellow Goat - Bathory

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