By: john Comment: 1 01 Jun 2019

Some of the most expensive Vinyl Records ever sold, from the No 1 Heavy Metal band of all time !!!

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By: john Comment: 0 29 Oct 2015

On the 15th of July 2000, the CEO’s of Universal, Sony and Bertelsmann gathered in a hotel in Sun Valley, Idaho to begin discussions with Napster’s CEO. The subject of the meeting was...

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By: Sophie Comment: 1 28 Aug 2015

Vinyl Records | How It's Made

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By: Chris Comment: 1 21 Jul 2015

The vinyl audience makes more purchases from specialized hangouts, comes in contact at a personal level with the record shopkeeper, talks about music, searches the shelves and gets informed. Or they even get closer to the musicians, in live concerts or festivals but also through independent networks, circumventing several intermediaries and choosing to actively support creators instead of downloading their music for free on the internet. Even if they use the free mp3 samples that go with the albums, the band fan now holds in his hands something that belongs to the band, the bond becomes more substantial, the relation becomes more ...

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By: Chris Comment: 0 01 Dec 2015

Vinyl Records Repair - Grooves Reconstruction - Ultimate solution for scratched records

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By: Nick Comment: 1 20 Jul 2015

Warped Records? Not any More !!!


TTW Audio has the solution !!!

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By: john Comment: 1 04 Sep 2015

Packing vinyl records in order to send them via mail, is a procedure that requires a great amount of attention.

Anyone who buys vinyl records from marketplaces like e-Record Fair has a story, from personal experience or from a friend’s, that involves sold or bought records which were delivered warped or, even worse, broken.

Here are some safe record packing advices...

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By: john Comment: 0 27 Apr 2020

9 key factors that determine the value of your vinyl records.  Are you wondering “How to value my old Vinyl Records?" Read this article!


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By: Sophie Comment: 1 05 Aug 2015

Top Vinyl Records Of The '90s -  Part 1

Tool  - Smashing Pumpkins  - Moby  - PJ Harvey - Nine Inch Nails  - Hefner- Belle And Sebastian  - AC/DC ...

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By: john Comment: 1 08 Dec 2016

Hanker - Edguy - Helstar – Running Wild – Attack – Domine – Iced Earth – Virgin Steele – Angra – Cloven Hoof – Attick Demons – Titan Force – Heavens Gate – Riot – Woolfs Moon – Elysium Stratovarius – Sanctuary – Jag panzer – Saint Demons – Helloween

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