Top Vinyl Records Of The '90s - Part 1

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2 × Vinyl Records , LP, Gatefold | Zoo Entertainment | 1996 - Prog Rock, Metal

Av. Price: 220

The truth is that, when Aenima was released, Tool forced a lot of people, who were previously ignoring them, to notice them. You must be certain that they didn’t hear praise from everyone; on the opposite, many rejected them a many were confused, not knowing where to categorize them. Almost 20 years later, we look at all this and laugh, but that’s what happens with such groundbreaking and innovative music like ‘Aenima’. Maybe, a few years later, they stigmatized and musically determined the following decade, but this album was the true game changer for them and rock music. Technical under its own terms, snappy but also ironic, different in its approach and perspective, with a singer from another planet, ‘Aenima’ changed the minds of anyone who had ears; musicians and fans, alike.


Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

HUT Recordings | 2 × Vinyl Records , LP, Gatefold | 1993 - Alternative Rock

Av. Price: 60

Is one record to enough to book a seat to eternity? It is more than enough. ‘Today’ launched them to stratospheric heights. The sound was not grunge or punk. It was closer to the arena rock of the 70’s, filled with guitar solos, pop elements, shoegaze, metal and hard rock. It was a deep sound, with the overdubs inundating the speakers. His voice, one time it sounded girly, another time sounded boyish or like an angry teenager. ‘Quiet’, ‘Geek USA’ and mainly ‘Silverfuck’ with its silences, are beasts. ‘Mayonnaise’, ‘Hummer’ were simply monumental. Powerful guitars, permanent melodies and melodrama, built a monument, that Cogan will never surpass.


Moby - Play

2 × Vinyl Records , LP |  V2  | 1999 | Electronic

Av. Price: 100 €

When he was little, Moby used to do drugs; then he started playing Techno and, in the end, he became a vegetarian. This was the only… bizarre combination that could create “Play”. Our bald friend used to take the record from label to label, but every single one turned it down! V2 was the only one to say <<Yes>>  and, three years later, he had sold 3 million copies. Moby scored dance rhythms along with “stolen” old blues, gospel and ambient sounds; he took a computer and gave it soul. At the time, singles still counted at the record market and six months later, all the “sensitive souls” were able to listen to “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” “Natural Blues” and “Porcelain” which gave the record a nice boost! It was a record for parties and the tough guys’ “guilty pleasure”.


PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love

Vinyl Record, LP | Island Records  | 1995 | Alternative Rock

Av. Price: 40

At the photos of the ‘Dry’ and ‘Rid Of Me’ era, to me at least, she seemed incredibly ugly, unsightly, a girl who, instead of wanting to caress or kiss her, you wanted to beat her up. However, when you listen her on the title track, on ‘C’mon Billy’ or flying at the unknown ‘Send His Love To Me’ you become nothing, a piece of cloth to trample on, you feel useless and really, utterly insignificant. Let them say whatever they want, Polly Jean. For some people, it changed their whole perspective.


Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral

2 × Vinyl Records, LP, Gatefold | Island Records  | 1994 | Industrial

Av. Price: 60

Trent Reznor, the King of industrial rock, in the best era of his life, when he took on changing the world. Although the shock of his debut album “Pretty Hate Machine” seemed to be unparalleled, it took Reznor just five years to repeat it. Not only did he repeat it, but he easily surpassed it, simply because he, using basic industrial sounds, influences from Coil and Foetus, his solid nerve and deep desperation, created a masterpiece that invokes coldness, violence and perversion. With electronics, noisy themes that drill through your mind, punk dynamites, hate ballads and one of the most heart-breaking songs ever written, the inconceivable ‘Hurt’, the ‘Downward Spiral’ went down in history because, despite its coldness, it is so sentimental.


Hefner- Breaking God’s Heart (Too Pure, 1998)

Vinyl Record , LP | Too Pure  | 1998 - Indie Rock

Av. Price: 30

There are some things that we like the most about Hefner: the way that Darren starts a song whispering and ends up shouting; the passion; that you can’t help but end up shouting with him; the fact that they wrote hymns to their favorite stuff; their references to God; their honesty; that they are cynics without it suiting them; that they are innocent without any ulterior purpose; the incredibly beautiful title of this record.


Belle And Sebastian – If You're Feeling Sinister

Jeepster Recordings  | Vinyl, LP, Album | 1996-Indie Rock

Av. Price: 40

Belle and Sebastian are great. ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ (their second record) was the first album from the band, that we listened and fell in love with instantly and still listen to it with the same  joy. Stuart Murdoch’s voice sounds incredibly friendly, as always. It is pure pop, with influences from Love and Nick Drake until Pale Fountains and Felt. It is a pity that, as time goes by, they get increasingly removed from their roots.


AC/DC – The Razors Edge

Vinyl Record, LP | ATCO Records  | 1990 - Hard Rock

Av. Price: 18

After a period of compositional abatement with three mediocre albums (("Flick Of The Switch" in 1983, "Fly On The Wall" in 1985 and "Blow Up Your Video" in 1988) AC/DC should bounce back and they did! ‘Razor’s Edge, which was released in the beginning of the decade, with ‘Thunderstruck’, one of their most recognizable songs, leading the pack, and the rest of the wonderful compositions included in the record as allies, it gave them the push they needed for a second career. The repeating «Ah-ah-ah, Thunder» made millions of fans delirious. The whole record can be listened to without the need for a skip, proving that established bands, sometimes, have the way of writing compositions that sound fresh and honor their history.  

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Top Vinyl Records Of The '90s

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