Vinyl record packaging tips

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Packing vinyl records in order to send them via mail, is a procedure that requires a great amount of attention.

Anyone who buys vinyl records from marketplaces like Vinylom Marketplace has a story, from personal experience or from a friend’s, that involves sold or bought records which were delivered warped or, even worse, broken.

It is a very sad view and a great disappointment; a vinyl record which you waited for ages until you finally found it in a good price, finally arriving in your hands, shattered. Of course, we haven’t put into the equation, any loss of money.

If you are a vinyl record seller, an incident like that could ruin your reputation and have a negative effect on your feedback. Anyway, a good method of packing is essential for the record or records to arrive in good condition.

The truth is that the more vinyl records a package has, the smaller is the possibility of an accident. Usually, the problem lies with packages including only one record.


Here are some safe record packing advices.

- Protect the inner sleeve and the cover.

Remove the vinyl record from the inner sleeve. Moreover, the record must be outside the record cover. The pressure during the transfer could enable the record to press the inner sleeve and the record cover from within and rip it apart.

Therefore: we buy a protective plastic wrap and we place the vinyl record in a new inner sleeve, the printed inner sleeve and the record cover in three separate layers.

- We wrap everything in bubble wrap

We wrap them in a layer of bubble wrap.

- Extra Carboard

Then, we place two pieces of cardboard on each side.

- Second layer of bubble wrap

We  place a second layer of bubble wrap

- Close the package.

Then we close the package tight using a lot of tape!!!

This method may be a little on the expensive side, but if we have to mail a vinyl record that costs a few tenths of dollars, this is a no-brainer.

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Vinyl record packaging tips

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