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Azitis – Help, 1791 Vinyl LP ($900-$1,200)

November 8, 2018

AZITIS – “Help” is a Muthical Psychedelic Rock album and a mega rare Vinyl pressing. AZITIS were located in California. They were a Christian rock band who played organ driven psychedelic rock. They took their name from Evangelist Mathew’s phrase: “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

In Azitis – “Help” album you won’t find  lots of wah wah or fuzz guitars neither echo, phasing or other repeatedly used effects on the albums of the late 60’s/early 70’s.
Don’t expect to hear the perfect sound of the Beatles, but you ‘ll find  8 “organ/bass-dominated” killer tracks full of great melodies.

A run of only 1000 copies pressed by the Elco Record Company.

Regardless, if you do find one, you’ll have to spend between $900 and $1,200 to own it.

– In Hans Pokora’s book “Record Collectors Dream 1001” the vinyl record “Help” from Azitis band  has a valuation of rarity 4/6

RYM Rating  3.55 / 5.0


$1401 (21 bids – Start Price:$10) / 2004-12-10 / ( SEALED COPY / Seller from USA)
$1150 (16 bids – Start Price:$10) / 2007-04-24 / ( SEALED COPY / Seller from Great Britain )
$975 (1 bid – Start Price:£975 ) / 2016-06-04 /  ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from USA )
$ 999 (2 bid – Start Price:£900 ) /  2010-09-09 /  ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from USA )
$989 (11 bid – Start Price:£100 ) / 2011-05-31 /  ( Cover: NM | Media: NM / Seller from USA )

Label:Elco ‎– SC-EC 5555


Side A
Creation / Lord I Saw You Cry
There Is An Answer
Who Will Be
The Prophet
Side Β
Time Has Passed
From This Place
Hope To Save
Judgement Day

Artwork – James Gardner
Bass Guitar – Donald Lower
Design – Azitis
Engineer – LaMont Bench, R.S. Owens
Flute – Michael Welch
Guitar – Michael Welch
Keyboards – Dennis Sullivan
Percussion – Steve Nelson
Photography – Randall Thornton
Producer – John W. Cole
Supervised By – Roger Hamilton Spotts

Original pressing on Elco released in 3904 Broadway, Sacramento, CA.

Recorded at Pavilion Studios Inc., Vallejo, California



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