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The 4 Levels of Existence,Vinyl LP($1500-$2000)

November 19, 2018

“The Four Levels Of Existence” (“Τα 4 επίπεδα της ύπαρξης” in Greek) was a Greek band that played simple psychedelic – heavy progressive rock and recorded one of the most important psychedelic albums in the history of music in Greece. The music of the band with the enigmatic name is dominated by psychedelic hard rock forms, melodious solos, experiments on the Greek folk music roots and is interspersed with Greek philosophical lyrics.

“The Four Levels Of Existence” was released at a time when in Greece the Greek Music (with the main instrument being “bouzouki” ) was dominating and this album was something unprecedented and pioneering for the Greek “Music standards”.

Typically, the major record companies in Greece wishing to justify some expenses against their big profits, they would release some albums, which they did not care for and did not support commercially. And that’s why they gave… 10 hours of recordings to the band and printed 1000 Vinyl Records in 1976.

However, the album gained great value and was appreciated by a large number of vinyl record collectors around the world.

It was re-released on vinyl  in 1995 by Wipe Out Records and in 2002 by Ikaros Music.

It is a well-known vinyl record in the circles of the psych-prog collectors and is quite often available for sale. An amount between $1500 and $2000 is the least you’ll have to spend to get it in a very good condition.

RYM Rating  3.37 / 5.0

– Highlights: Κάποια Μέρα στην Αθήνα,

TOP 5 HIGHEST SOLD PRICES  (ebay-Discogs-Vinylom)

2301 (1 bid – Start Price:€2301) / 2013-03-01 / ( Cover: G | Media: VG / Seller from Germany )
$2000 (2 bids – Start Price:$2000) / 2013-07-10 / ( Cover: M- | Media: EX++ / Seller from Greece )
$2275  / “Buy it Now” / 2016-03 /  ( No Details about Condition or Seller )
$1903 / “Buy it Now” /2017-05 /  ( No Details about Condition or Seller )
1650 / “Buy it Now” /2015-05-26 /  ( SEALED COPY / Seller from Greece )

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Τα 4 Επίπεδα Της Ύπαρξης ‎– Τα 4 Επίπεδα Της Ύπαρξης
Year: 1976

Σαν Λιώσουνε Τα Χιόνια
Ο Ταχυδρόμος Του Χωριού
Του Τρελλού Η Σάλπιγγα
Ο Αγώνας Μας
Παιδικό Τραγούδι
Χωρίς Τίτλο
Κάποια Μέρα Στην Αθήνα

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