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Index-Red Album, 1968, Vinyl ($9,000-$10,000)

The Index (Red album) is a very elusive and expensive vinyl record. The Index was a Garage – Psychedelic Rock band formed in 1966 and they broke up in 1969 when their band members left to study at college.

During this time, they released two albums and because neither of them had a title, they were named the Black Album (1967) and the Red Album (1968) respectively because of the label color of each release.

The Index – red album was released by the index company DC records. Essentially it was a self-financing release. The initials “DC” resulted from the initials of a friend of the band who helped the band at that time.

The album was released in very few copies (about 100, maybe even fewer) and was first distributed to friends of the band. It then went on sale through the Harmony house music store in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan.

The cover artwork belongs to Jim Valice, the drummer of the band, and portrays the outlines of the band members.

The red album is a really rare one and according to popsike (which displays ebay sales figures) has only been auctioned once. It was sold for $9,387 at an auction on ebay on 12-12-2014.

Anyone looking for it, other than it will be very difficult for them to find it, should spend a fairly large amount depending on the condition of the album. A good price would be around 9 and 10 thousand dollars.

 In Hans Pokora’s book “Record Collectors Dream 2001” the “Red Album” from “The Index” band  has a Valuation of rarity 6/6

RYM Rating 3.22/5.00

Value (NM): $9,000-$10,000


$9,387 (12 bids – Start Price:$10) / 2014-12-12 / ( Cover: M- | Media: M- / Seller from USA)

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A1-Turquoise Feline
A2-I Can’t See Nobody
A4-Eight Miles High
B1-New York Mining Disaster
B2-Paradise Beach
B3-Break Out
B4-I Love You
B5-Rainy, Starless Nights

Bass – Tom Ballew
Drums, Vocals, Artwork By [Cover Design] – Jim Valice
Engineer – Dwight Conger
Lead Guitar, Vocals – John Ford*
Rhythm Guitar – Gary Francis

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