The Fantastic Dee-Jays,Vinyl LP, 1966

Fantastic Dee-Jays was a  garage band from Pittsburgh  featured two guitarists and a drummer, a lineup without bass player, which is very rare in rock music.

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Their single ‘Love is Tuff’, was a typical British Invasion homage of the period, though unusual for Pittsburgh (where the British sound never really caught on). The high point for Fantastic Dee-Jays was opening for a Rolling Stones concert in 1965.

They recorded five singles and an album on local labels in 1965 and 1966 that are well respected by ’60s collectors.


This vinyl Record was a ‘collectable’ already back in the 1970s, and hasn’t gotten easier to find since. Savage fuzz garage punk mixed with dark moody ballads & high energy mop top teenbeat rockers, all with that very special ‘66 sound.  The bright & beautiful front cover, mysterious back cover without even song titles, and the great colorful label design totally seal the deal. A total classic!!

Fantastic Dee-Jays – “self titled” Vinyl LP is a very rare and great garage album for many collectors across the globe. Not many of these vinyl records were pressed, maybe a few hundred. The track, Fight Fire is awesome, and its worth having just for that.

Depending on the condition this record is in, you should expect to spend between $1200 and $1700.



  • 1913 USD (19 bids) – 2005-12-20 ( Cover: EX+ | Media: NM / Seller from USA )
  • 1828 USD (28 bids) – 2005-06-06  ( Cover: VG++ | Media: NM / Seller USA)
  • 1715 USD (24 bids) – 2008-09-05 ( Cover: VG+ | Media: VG+ / Seller from USA)
  • 1082 USD (2 bids) – 2012-08-24 ( Cover: VG++ | Media: VG++ / Seller from USA )
  • 1025 USD (25 bids) – 2009-09-09 ( Cover:M- | Media: M- / Seller from  USA)

Label: Stone – SLP 4003

Track listing
A1 Fight Fire
A2 Get Away Girl
A3 Shy Girl
A4 Mr. Sad
A5 Two Tymes Two
A6 Apache

B1 You’re the One
B2 What a Shame
B3 What You’re Doing
B4 Love Is Tuff
B5 Just a Boy
B6 This Love of Ours

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