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Vinyl Records Repair - Grooves Reconstruction - Ultimate solution for scratched records

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By: john Comment: 0 19 Nov 2015

Some of the most expensive Progressive Rock Vinyl Records ever sold!!! (Part 1)

The Old Man & The Sea ‎– Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Nosferatu - Steel Mill - Zakarrias - Lagger Blues Machine  - Akritas - Kalacakra - Raw Material - Osanna - Amos Key - Van Der Graaf Generator - Web - Mapleoak – Aquila - Ashkan - Valhalla - Salem Mass - Julius Victor...

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On the 15th of July 2000, the CEO’s of Universal, Sony and Bertelsmann gathered in a hotel in Sun Valley, Idaho to begin discussions with Napster’s CEO. The subject of the meeting was...

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Some of the most expensive Beatles Vinyl Records ever sold !!!

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The Greeting Card that plays a vinyl record !!!

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By: Chris Comment: 1 21 Sep 2015

While the CD was commercially marching forward, the vinyl record fell into a decline. The 1996-2006 decade was especially dramatic. The world introduced the CD into his daily routine. The compact disc’s convenience was great. People could take it to work, play it in their car and…

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By: john Comment: 2 07 Sep 2015

Towards 2000 debuted on the ABC in 1981. It was a half-hour program showcasing developments and inventions in science and technology. One of the early highlights was this report about the imminent arrival of the next big thing in home entertainment – the compact disc !!!

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Packing vinyl records in order to send them via mail, is a procedure that requires a great amount of attention.

Anyone who buys vinyl records from marketplaces like e-Record Fair has a story, from personal experience or from a friend’s, that involves sold or bought records which were delivered warped or, even worse, broken.

Here are some safe record packing advices...

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By: Sophie Comment: 1 28 Aug 2015

Vinyl Records | How It's Made

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Some great Laser-etched vinyl records from:  Alice In Chains - Dead Weather - Genesis - Jack White - Mad Season - Paul McCartney - Portishead - Split Enz - Styx - Superman II -Soundtrack - Testament - Black Crowes...

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