Top 10 best selling albums of all time.

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Sales estimate from United World Chart    


Bee Gees / Various artists-Saturday Night Fever (1977)
19 million copies


Fleetwood Mac-Rumours (1977)     
34 million copies


Shania Twain-Come On Over (1997)
36 million copies


Led Zeppelin -Led Zeppelin IV(1971)
36 million copies  


AC/DC-Back in Black (1980)
 36 million copies

Whitney Houston / Various artists-The Bodyguard  (1992)
40 million copies


Pink Floyd-The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
44 million copies


  Meat Loaf-Bat Out of Hell (1977)     
30 million copies


Eagles-Their Greatest Hits 71–75 (1976)    
32.2 million copies


Michael Jackson-Thriller (1982)     
68 million copies



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