By: Chris Comment: 1 09 Aug 2015

If you are thinking of going to Utrecht for the bi-annual records fair that takes place on the Jaarbeurs convention center for the first time, here is some useful advice that the e-Record Fair team has been faithfully following for a few years now.

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By: Sophie Comment: 1 05 Aug 2015

Top Vinyl Records Of The '90s -  Part 1

Tool  - Smashing Pumpkins  - Moby  - PJ Harvey - Nine Inch Nails  - Hefner- Belle And Sebastian  - AC/DC ...

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By: john Comment: 2 28 Jul 2015

Interesting Hybrid Format !!!

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By: Sophie Comment: 1 26 Jul 2015

Beatles | Bob Dylan | Bruce Springsteen | Doors | Elvis Presley | Jimi Hendrix | James Brown |  James Cotton | John Lennon | Johny Cash | Ozzy | Led Zeppelin | Little Richard | Louis Armstrong | Metallica | Muddy Watters | Pink Floyd | Bob Marley | Rolling Stones | The Clash | The Ramones

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By: john Comment: 1 22 Jul 2015

Here is an awesome video about some great vinyl record cover designs

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By: Chris Comment: 1 21 Jul 2015

The vinyl audience makes more purchases from specialized hangouts, comes in contact at a personal level with the record shopkeeper, talks about music, searches the shelves and gets informed. Or they even get closer to the musicians, in live concerts or festivals but also through independent networks, circumventing several intermediaries and choosing to actively support creators instead of downloading their music for free on the internet. Even if they use the free mp3 samples that go with the albums, the band fan now holds in his hands something that belongs to the band, the bond becomes more substantial, the relation becomes more ...

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By: Sophie Comment: 0 21 Jul 2015

‘back in the good old days’ is a set of ceramic turntables created by geneva based artist fabien clerc. The project was created for an exhibition which investigated the idea of luxury. the installation is made from glazed earthenware that as been decorated in a very traditional style including small touche of gold leaf. the turntables are fully functional and sit flanking a white ceramic mixer. the dj set-up sits on a red table and intends to proposes multiple forms of luxury; the obvious materiality of the pieces and the more subtle idea of luxury as a way of life.

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By: Nick Comment: 1 20 Jul 2015

Warped Records? Not any More !!!


TTW Audio has the solution !!!

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By: john Comment: 7 18 Jul 2015

All these years, there have been many vinyl record cleaners marketed to the public. Some are automatic and relatively expensive while others are semi-automatic, thus cheaper. There are also many materials that some people use in order to clean the records in their collection. Some use stickers, wood glue, alcohol, etc. Our suggestion is that you shouldn’t...

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