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Dark Round the edges, Vinyl, 1972,(£7000-£13000)

Dark were a band created in 1968 in Northampton (UK). The driving force behind the group was Steve Giles (guitars, vocals). The first release of Dark was “Round the Edges”, which is a rough diamond of Heavy Psych and Progressive Hard Rock of the 70s and one of the most sophisticated records of all time.

The album was recorded in S.I.S. Studios in Northampton in July 1972 and the band produced 64 records overall (12 Colour Gatefolds, 1 ‘Special’ Colour Gatefold, 1 White Doodle On Sleeve, 12 B& W Gatefolds and 38 B&W Single Sleeves). In the beginning, only 32 vinyl records were printed and later on the printed the other 32.

Production and recording costs amounted to £123. The sale price of each record was £3 pounds. The album was distributed to friends and family members. Some copies were sent to record companies.

Out of the record companies that received samples of the album, Island was the only one that showed interest but eventually the collaboration did not come through and the album was not released under a big label.

The highest selling price recorded was on ebay in 2011 for £6766 for a record with the black and white gatefold.

It is quite difficult to estimate the price for this particular album and has been released with three different covers. It also appears very rarely for sale. We believe that at this time in a NM condition, a price range of £7.000 to £13.000  covers all versions.

RYM Rating  3.74 / 5.0

Highlights: “Darkside”“Zero Time”

Reissue on Vinyl:  Darkside  1991 –  Kissing Spell 1992 –  Akarma 1999 –  Machu Picchu, Ltd. 2013

Value (NM): £7.000£13.000


  • £6766 (28 bids – Start Price: £99) / 2011-08-04 / ( Cover: VG | Media: VG | BW Gatefold cover / Seller from Great Britain)
  • £6600 (21 bids – Start Price: £99) / 2011-02-28 / ( Cover: EX | Media: EX |  BW simple cover / Seller from Great Britain)
  • £3300 (25 bids – Start Price: £2000) / 2009-11-08 / ( Cover: EX- | Media: M-  | BW simple cover / Seller from Italy)
  • €2210 (12 bids – Start Price: €1000) / 2016-02-13 / ( Cover: VG+ | Media: VG- | BW Gatefold cover / Seller from Italy)

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Label:SIS – SR 0102S
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock

A1 Darkside
A2 Maypole
A3 Live For Today
B1 R. C. 8
B2 The Cat
B3 Zero Time

Bruce Duncan (bass, guitar, vocals, 1968-70), Steve Giles (guitars, vocals), Charles Hiams (drums, 1968-70), Martin Moloney (organ, vocals, 1968-71), Clive Thorneycroft (drums, percussion, 1968-71), Carl Bush (bass, 1971-72), Ronald Johnson (bass, 1971-77), Martin Weaver (guitar, 1971-72)


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