7 Freaky Reasons Vinyl Records Could Get You Fired

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For a lot of people, vinyl records are a passion, a pleasant hobby to fill their lives. For some, though, they are their only priority. Although the following examples may seem excessive or hyperbolic, they are not far from being a reality. If you think you can relate, it would be wise to continue reading and pay attention to the following behaviors, before you lose your job.

1) Unauthorized surfing of the internet, for vinyl records

Instead of actually doing the job you are paid by your boss to do, you spend all day scouring over the Internet, just to discover that sweet  7 inch vinyl record you so desperately want but cannot find anywhere. The company you work for, looks down on these behaviors and has a strict policy but you have found a way to bypass the firewall. You are completely obsessed with it and you won’t stop until you get it. Be careful.

You might get sacked long before you put your hands on that vinyl record...


2) Continuous Absences  

It is a Wednesday morning. You have just found out that someone is selling his vinyl record collection for pennies and you really, absolutely, 100% have to go to his house and buy it before someone else does. No worries, you just phone in sick. You passion clouds your judgment and changes your priorities.

If this happens enough, be prepared to be shown the exit...


3) Sleeping at work

Last night, you didn’t sleep until 5 because there was an expiring auction on ebay for the rare "God Save the Queen"  7inch and you wanted to hunt it down till the very end… You arrive at work realy late and, at about 11, you dose off.

This is repeated 6 or 7 times a month. Hmmm…

4) Divorce, Sorrow, Booze

Your self-destructing passion for the vinyl records is keeping you from being a successful father and husband. Vinyl records come first, way before anything else. After a few months, your wife divorces you to pursue a vinyl record-free, happy life. This takes a toll on your psyche and you drink yourself away from the sadness of it.

Drunk and working? No real hope there...


5) Rude behavior

Just when you were negotiating the price of a few records with a seller on the Internet, a client walks in your office and interrupts you. Just to get rid of him, you lie and send them out furiously, just to finish the trade. The client complains about your attitude at your boss.

Time to pack everything up, son...


6) Decreased performance

You spend the whole day (work hours included) daydreaming about how you will get those vinyl records you want. You talk on the phone with sellers, collectors and other people of the industry. Your energy and brain capacity is sucked in by this matter. You have zero ability to focus on the assignments. They get done hastily, late or outright wrong.

It is any day now, until you get the notice...


7) Theft

Vinyl records have destroyed you financially but you don’t really get it. You have unpaid bills and you are 3 months behind in your rent. Dark thoughts start to pop up in your mind. Eventually, not being able to pay your dues, you steal from the business you work for.

Not only do you end up jobless, but also behind bars...


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