REVERB LP closed but ...VINYLOM is here! (and is not going anywhere)

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Reverb LP closed after three years of successful operation while showing signs that it would become a thriving marketplace. Perhaps the "numbers" were disappointing for the new owners (Etsy) of Reverb and decided not to continue running Reverb LP.


Maybe they realized that Reverb LP couldn't give anything new. From the moment they used the database that, so generously, was provided to them by Discogs without bringing anything new to the Vinyl Community map, the future was suspenseful.


But VINYLOM Marketplace is here and is built steadily and day by day.


VINYLOM is a site created to promote the Metal vinyl record's history and Metal Vinyl culture as no one has done so far.

In addition to the content, there is a Metal Vinyl Marketplace that grows as you read these lines. A marketplace with items that you can't find anywhere else.


If you want to buy the next album in your collection, the Vinylom Marketplace has available for sale hundreds of thousands of Vinyl Records. 500+ sellers from US, UK, Europe, and the rest of the World are selling their stuff!!. The number grows every day.

If you are a seller and want to sell your items on vinylom's marketplace, send us your list (XLs, CSV, text file, Discogs zipped file etc.) via the bulk upload page. 

We'll take care of the rest. Otherwise, You can press the Sell button and start uploading your items for sale.

If you want to know the current prices but the history of all rare and expensive vinyl records you can go to the Μetal Vinyl Prices section.



On the YouTube channel I'll tell you vinyl record stories worth telling. Visit the channel and subscribe, like, comment and share!

And there are already some exciting things planned that will unfold as Vinylom grows.

Vinylom marketplace already has several items for sale that do not exist anywhere else. Even the Discogs doesn't have them in his database.

Discogs is an excellent music database and marketplace, and they deserve every success. They have worked very hard to get to where they are, and they deserve real congratulations.

But Vinylom is something different. Vinylom has focused exclusively on the Metal vinyl record and the entire culture that surrounds it. But there are Rock, Jazz, Pop, Electronic and other kinds of music to buy.

The content we create is unique, and our approach to the collector and the dealer is a little different. And as we develop, that will be more obvious.


We are not going anywhere!


Unlike Reverb LP, Vinylom is not going anywhere. Our love of vinyl has more to do with the numbers and sales of the marketplace.

And if we have to keep it alive for our pleasure and cover the development costs from our pocket, we'll do it very gladly.

If you want to buy the next vinyl record in your collection or sell your merchandise, Vinylom welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant experience.


Enloy Music, Enjoy Life, Enjoy Vinyl!


Enter Vinylom Marketplace


Yannis Pantazis

Founder of Vinylom





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