Cheap Vinyl Records? Where to find them!

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Vinyl records for cheap, is a phrase that is on the minds of many vinyl record collectors, traders and artists. Cheap vinyl records are in demand for the following reasons:


For Listening.

Cheap vinyl records, which are not a financial investment, are something from which one can enjoy the experience of listening to music from a vinyl record without worrying about whether it will cause any damage from usage. Cheap Vinyl records can be used hundreds of times and then someone just throws them away and picks up someone else.


To resell them.

A seller wants to buy cheap vinyl records to resell them with some profit. If they are record store owners or individual sellers, they can resell them to their local vinyl record community or in an online vinyl marketplace such as Vinylom.


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To create vinyl record art.

Finding vinyl records for cheap is the ideal way to have the "raw material" of your art at a low price. Some of us vinyl record collectors may be annoyed that vinyl records are "misused" in this way, but they are cheap vinyl records and it is better for them to decorate a wall than to be thrown in the trash. I think we prefer it that way.


Where to buy cheap vinyl records

Vinyl records for cheap can be found either in your area or online.

In your area:

If you want to listen to music from great vinyl records that are cheap and in good condition, many 80's pop and rock records are quite cheap.  You can find them in the local record stores or online. 

Many individuals may want to get rid of their record collections for cheap. If you focus there and you have developed a "network" of friends and acquaintances that will provide you with information, you will be able to find hundreds of quality vinyl records for cheap. It is something that requires organization, some money, but when it is done, it works very well. Those of you who are sellers or collectors will find some great and rare vinyl records.

For those who want to create vinyl record art, the dollar bins of the record stores in their area will provide them with the cheap vinyl records they need.


A vinyl record marketplace like Vinylom can provide you with thousands of titles from cheap vinyl records. On the main page of Vinylom you will see the "box" dollar bin in which hundreds of sellers from all over the world have thousands of cheap Vinyl records online. Vendors from America, England, Europe and the rest of the world sell extremely collectible and expensive vinyl records and some of the cheapest vinyl records online. Vinylom's dollar bin is perhaps one of the best places to buy vinyl records for cheap.

In the Dollar bin section there are records worth less than a dollar, but in Vinylom's entire to markletplace there are millions of Vinyl records, CDs, tapes, and several more items sold for a few dollars. It's worth looking for. There are too many hidden treasures.


Happy digging!



Yannis Pantazis

Founder of Vinylom



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