Richard Last Group - Get ready | The rare, 4600$ Italian Progressive LP

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This rare album ,  was almost unknown to most Italian prog fans and collectors . Released 1972 under the title "Get Ready" and reissued by the Italian label Akarma. "Get Ready" is a great mix mix of psychedelic and folk progressive sounds with the peculiar use of the flute. The 12-track album Get ready included mainly covers (from Donovan, Chicago, Jethro Tull, Dave Mason and more) along with three originals’

The music is very nice - lots of flutes, soft and beautiful harmony in the spirit of Jethro Tull and Traffic, a successful addition to the guitar and organ.

This band was surrounded by mystery for many years, even for the absolute lack of information on the record covers; only through the recollections of some musicians it was possible to rebuild their story.

The group Duu Duu had been formed in 1969 in Milan, playing in that area and Valtellina. In 1971 singer Maurizio Calò asked the five musicians to play with him, first as Maurizio Jr. e i Duu Duu, then as Maurizio Jr. e l'Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno, then using the name Richard Last Group after his choice of the nom de plume Richard Coley.

Calò wanted to release the album as a solo artist, but given the popularity of rock groups at the time, the record company insisted to have it credited to the Richard Last Group.

Towards the end of the recording sessions there was a line-up change, with bassist Dal Toso leaving for his military duties and the entrance of second giutarist Mario Volanti and later the new bass player Fulvio Massi. This seven-piece line-up appeared on the LP and single cover pictures.

Volanti only played on the three original compositions of the LP (Confusion, He has gone away and Naple in rock) along with a guest bass player coming from the group La Luce.
The group broke up in September 1972 but Calò/Coley recruited new musicians and created a new group with Rosario Brunetti (guitar), Enzo Menunni (bass) and Massimo Dinoia (drums), that played for some years with the name Richard Coley and the Last Group Show.


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  • -SIDE A'
  • -Sad And Deep As You (Dave mason cover from  Alone Together LP - 1970  )    
  • -Eye To Eye (Audience cover from The House on the Hill LP - 1971  )
  • -I Have A Dream (Audience cover from The House on the Hill LP - 1971 )
  • -Dharma For One (Jethro Tull cover from This Was LP - 1969 )
  • -He Has Gone Away
  • -Confusion


  • -SIDE B'
  • -Fire And Rain    (James Taylor ‎ cover from Sweet Baby James LP - 1971)
  • -Break Down (Rufus Thomas cover from The Breakdown ‎7" - 1971)
  • -Lalena (Donovan Cover from lalena 7” - 1968)
  • -Thank You (Sly & The Family Stone cover from thank you 7” - 1969)
  • -Colour My World (Chicago cover from Chicago LP - 1970)    
  • -Naple In Rock





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