Polymerization... Danger for our Vinyl Records

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Sources: livephotographs.com - rocknrollmonuments.gr


Through the years, many record collectors around the globe started to notice some very strange marks on the surface of vinyl records and CDs. This situation was worse to those who used PVC covers. Initially one would see some blurriness and later on spots like the ones water or oil would leave behind.

As humidity gets trapped inside the PVC cover, the vinyl record does not breathe. Thus, the combination of vinyl and PVC triggers a chemical reaction called Polymerization, with the above results. On the first stages of this process, the vinyl records and CDs can be used and function normally. When the polymerization is advanced, you can start hearing the notorious surface noise, which spans from tolerable to unbearable.

Our advice is to throw all PVC covers away and never use it again. If there is too much moisture in your area, a dehumidifier would be a good investment.




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