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Black metal is a subgenre that entered our metal life in quite an unusual way if anyone remembers all the events in Norway in the early '90s.

Suddenly an underground metal subgenre gained tremendous publicity, and still, 30 years later, the myth around black metal is enormous.


Black metal vinyl records are highly collectible for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, black metal is a genre of music that has a dedicated and passionate fanbase, and vinyl records are a highly prized format among collectors. Vinyl records provide a warmer, more dynamic and authentic listening experience compared to digital formats.
  • Secondly, many black metal vinyl records are limited edition releases, often with special packaging and artwork, making them highly sought after by collectors. This exclusivity and rarity creates a sense of value and importance among collectors.
  • Thirdly, the black metal scene has a strong DIY ethos, with many bands self-releasing their music on small independent record labels. This creates a sense of community and authenticity, with collectors wanting to support their favorite bands and labels by owning physical copies of their music.

Finally, the history and legacy of black metal is intertwined with the underground music scene and its associated counterculture. The collectibility of black metal vinyl records is therefore not only tied to the music itself, but also to the subculture and lifestyle that surrounds it.

black metal vinyl records

But even some black metal records released after 15 or 20 years in limited runs have a high value. Over the years, many people, old and new collectors, wanted to get these records, which results in their prices going up, and in my opinion, prices will continue to go up.

Most of the records I will mention in this post are part of the History of Black Metal.

Another exciting thing is that these records have low production, the vocals are often repulsive, some lyrics express hatred, but they have some artistic value.

It is a dark, heavy, and black art. Maybe not everyone can recognize this, but many people see it, recognize it, and want to have it. No vinyl record becomes collectible and expensive if it has no musical value, and this is something we should not forget.

If the copies of a record are 100 and 150 severe collectors from all over the planet believe that this record is a masterpiece, this is enough to raise the record's value at high prices



black metal vinyl records

  • Flames Of Hell - The Fire And Steel

But before I begin, let me reference a remarkable album, The Fire And Steel of Icelanders, Flames Of Hell, Released in 1987. Although in the History of Black Metal, this album is not mentioned much, dealers and those who sell it refer to it as a Black/thrash album.

The music of the album, to my ears at least, is a mix of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, and Cirith Ungol on vocals. It Sounds strange, obscure, and unique with lots of original ideas in their music, weird combinations of sounds, and maybe that's why some have to pay a lot of money to get it.

I would describe it as an album with venom influences and a little primitive black metal aura. It's worth checking and listening to, if you haven't already.

The album was pressed in 100 copies, but most of them destroyed due to a Sleeve printing error.

The price is complicated to calculate because the original copies that have appeared for sale are very few. In recent times, however, two vinyl copies have been sold. One in 2014 for $4,040 after 14 bids and one in 2020 for $2,700, which is, for me, pretty impressive.

So far, there are no reissues.



black metal vinyl

  • Bathory - Bathory

For number 10, I have chosen a record and a band that paved the way for Norwegian Black Metal.

I'm talking about Bathory's first self-titled album, released in 1984. The specific version is called Yellow goat by the color of the cover.

Bathory's first album may not have some critical Features of Black Metal such as blast beats or the famous tremolo picking. It may look like an evil version of thrash metal rather than the early Norwegian black metal.

Still, the atmosphere, the image, the lyrics, the energy, and the vocal style all played a massive role in the formation and evolution of the genre.

The original version was released in just a thousand copies, and the price for a mint copy, is estimated at around $2700.

A copy of this LP in VG+ condition was sold for $3000 in May 2020.

It is also worth noting Quorthon's discomfort that yellow goat was sold at high prices when it was still sold for a hundred dollars back in the '90s

For Bathory's first album, some reissues cost around $20.




Rare black metal vinyl

  • Katharsis - 666

At Number 9, I have the German's Katharsis with the album 666.

"666" was released in 2000 in 200 Hand-Numbered copies and is the first full -length album for Germany's band.

666" is a Raw "Traditional first era Black Metal" album and worship on Darkthrone. Sharp guitar riffs, aggressive sound, lo-fi production, all the excellent stuff is included here. All the fans of early Norwegian black metal must listen to this album.

The current price for an original MINT copy is about $900 

The highest price sold is $1025 in 2014 after 37 bids.

Unfortunately, there is no reissue, so far, on Vinyl for this album.




black metal vinyl

  • Monblood - Taste Our German Steel

For number eight I have chosen the album “Taste Our German Steel” of also Germans "Monblood"

"Taste our german steel" is the second and final album of The "Moonblood" and was released in 2000. It is raw, icy, and cold Black Metal, following in the footsteps of early Darkthrone. The album contains all the classic Norwegian black Metal characteristics, such as very fast and chaotic guitar leads, restless drumming, evil and grim vocals.

The album was released in 100 hand-numbered copies, and its price is about $1400.

The highest price sold is $1750 in 2018 after 2 bids.

It has been re-released in a black-and-white cover in a 2019 reissue that someone can buy for about $25.



black metal vinyl records

  • Goatmoon - Death before dishonor

For number seven, I have chosen the "Death before dishonor" album, from Goatmoon

Death before dishonor of the Finnish project Goatmoon is a "true" black metal release, in which someone can also find some Viking metal and folk metal elements.

This album's guitar riffs are insane and create great, epic melodies, with which this album grabs you by the throat.

This piece of music is evil, raw, and powerful. If you seek excellent traditional black metal music with the perfect lo-fi "Under Funeral Moon production," you should listen to it.

Death before dishonor was released in 2006 in 110 hand-numbered copies and contained a lyrics insert, a poster, and a bonus CDr.

The current price for an original MINT copy with the poster is about $1000

The highest price sold is $1200 in 2018 after 51 bids

It has been re-released in a 2018 reissue at 200 pieces, and someone can buy it for about $80.




black metal vinyl


  • Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times

At Number six, I have the Norwegian Satyricon, with the album Dark Medieval Times.

"Dark Medieval Times" is a unique Black Metal album with Atmospheric, Symphonic, and a few folk elements.  This album's feeling is heavy and dark, the guitars are sharp, and the songs have variety and exciting ideas. It's highly recommended for all the fans of Atmospheric Black Metal.  It is An Absolute classic of the Norwegian scene!

The album was released in 1994 in 500 copies, and 100 records contained a folded poster with back sleeve artwork.

The current price for an original MINT copy with the poster is about $2000

The highest price sold is $2,350.

There's still no reissue for this record either.


black metal vinyl


  • Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger

At Number five, I placed the Norwegian Darkthrone with the album Transilvanian Hunger.

"Transilvanian Hunger" is simply a masterpiece and an inspiring record for the Black Metal scene! The album contains fast and diabolical riffs, straight forward drumming, and has a more aggressive and cold approach from their previous albums. A Cold as ice Classic!

The album was released in 1994 and is the most expensive of the group's first four albums.

The current price for an original MINT copy with the poster is about $1700

The highest price sold so far is $2,000 at Discogs.

But there are reissues that someoneone can buy for $30.



Rare black metal vinyl

  • Mutilation - Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood

At Number four, I have the French "Mutilation" with the album Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood.

I don't remember where, but someone has characterized muttilation's music as depressive black metal and is right. The record is raw, not always well played, not always well sung, but it hides an unsuspected compositional intelligence and a balance between fury and despair.

The album was released in 1995 first on CD in limited 1000 copies, which costs around 100 euros. It was released on a double Gatefold vinyl record in 1999 in 100 numbered copies.

The current price for an original MINT copy with the poster is about $1600

The highest price sold so far is 2,000

There are reissues that one can obtain for about $30


black metal vinyl records

  • Acalloch - Pale Folklore

For number three, I've chosen a band's record, which is a shame they're no longer active. Acalloch's Pale folklore.

Agalloch may not be a pure black metal group.  I have read to call their music grey metal. Still, the Atmospheric black metal elements they have in their music make them a respectful band in the community of progressives, at least, black metal fans.

The lack of technical skill and composition experience is evident in this album, but pale Folklore has many excellent ideas. This album sounds incredibly organic, and the atmosphere here is icy and melancholic.

Pale Folklore, was released on CD in 1999, and in 2005 was re released in three vinyl versions.

The first version was 400 pieces in double blue Vinyl and costs around $150.

The second was in White, Blue Splatter vinyl, and costs around $300.

And the third and most expensive was a Limited Numbered Edition, also in White, Blue Splatter vinyl, within  a Wooden Box

The price of such an issue is about $1,100.

The most expensive one sold so far is $1350

There are reissues without a wooden box, which costs around $40 to $50.




Rare black metal vinyl

  • Burzum - Aske

For number 2, I have chosen The Aske of Burzum.

Aske is not a full-length album but an ep that contains two songs and a re-recorded version of "A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit" from the "Burzum" album.

The Vinyl released in 1000 copies, and some zippo lighters with the cover photo were created and given to record stores. These days it is tough to find someone who sells Aske with the lighter.

A price for a copy without the lighter is about $2,000.

In the Discogs, the highest price sold is $2350 without knowing further details.

In 2017, only the lighter sold on eBay for $700.

In September of 2020, the Aske EP and the lighter sold for 5000 in U.S. dollars.

Re-raleases of Burzum & Aske are and cost around $30 to $35.



Rare black metal vinyl

  • Mayhem - Deathcrush

For number one, I've chosen one of Black metal's most essential vinyl records.

Mayhem's "deathcrush" EP is the first release on Vinyl for the Norwegian band and was released in 1987.

"Deathcrush" is also the first black metal release from the Norwegian scene. It's Brutal, absolutely row and primitive Black Metal. Lets say it's a thrash ep with Black aesthetics. The groove is great, and the guitar riffs are tremendous and memorable.

Mayhem and Euronymus, in particular, played a significant role in what we call black metal, and Deathcrush is an important item of that period.

The 1000 vinyl records were numbered by the hand of euronymous. He had also written his name on the back cover, under his photograph, because the printing press had not printed it.

All this is enough to make the record so collectible. That's why the price of the original Vinyl is around $3000.

The highest price sold is $3380 in 2014 after 24 bids

Some reissues cost around $40 to $50, but as anyone can understand, especially for this record, it's not the same.



black metal vinyl records


And the bonus I wanted to talk to you about is for a rare version of Venom's album "Black metal."

Venom is the first black metal band. They placed the foundation stone for what we call black metal. They had the Satanic image, the raw sound, and the aliases, all elements used by the later black metal bands. Also, with this album, they invented the term Black Metal.

Venom's "Black metal" album in red Vinyl is the band's most collectible and expensive vinyl album, and there are few copies known at the moment in the world. Some people talk about two copies only. 

The highest price sold is $3950 in 2013 after 4 bids



If you found this post interesting, I'm sure you'll be thrilled if you read the post about Black Metal History. It's the most complete thing written about this sub-genre of Metal music on the Net!!


Also, If you are looking to Buy or Sell Black Metal Vinyl Records Vinylom Marketplace is the right place for you!


black metal vinyl records

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black metal vinyl records



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